Fashion tips for women over 30

At 20, you still can allow everything fashionable. With advancing age, however, when you already go over 30, 40 or 50 years, the situation was quite different. You can no longer afford any kind jewellery and accessories, because they must be tailored to your age and physics.


Women over 30 should avoid anything that seems ridiculous. So, for example, children hair clips or juvenile prints on the t-shirt. Allowed are colour shoes and sequins, but only one or the other piece. The rule is, just do not overdo it!


The combination of jeans and sneakers should be avoided. The mature woman should look and dress appropriately. The sport clothing is best to be left behind. However, if it is among your favourites and you do not want to part with it, and then focus on an elegantly sporty look.


Here you should stick to one golden rule: older women should wear less and more discreet jewellery.


Bright colours are not necessarily ideal, but not the total black look. Better are muted shades such as navy, grey, plum or olive green. Again, there may well be a “light effect” in the form of a colour swab.


Even to old age, a small V-neck is allowed – but it should be small.


Colourful prints are indeed a trend, but to flash combinations should be avoided. The best are flowers with stripes or dots to stripes. The colours should be coordinated. See also chic pants and skirts with a subtle floral pattern for solid-colour uppers.

Skirt length

The mini skirt is necessary this summer. Only those who have nice legs should carry him over the age of 30 years. Better are slightly longer skirts which end a few inches above the knee.


Pop narrow stretch dresses, soft silk, satin or baggy wool fabrics are not suitable for women with small figure problems. Better cotton, jersey or solid silk fabrics. Among them stands out not equal any excess fat from.


At tight pants and jogging pants, anyone of thirty years old and upward looks slightly ridiculous. Military Pants should be discreet and be better supported to shoes with heels.