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Fashion tips for women over 30

At 20, you still can allow everything fashionable. With advancing age, however, when you already go over 30, 40 or 50 years, the situation was quite different. You can no longer afford any kind jewellery and accessories, because they must be tailored to your age and physics.


Women over 30 should avoid anything that seems ridiculous. So, for example, children hair clips or juvenile prints on the t-shirt. Allowed are colour shoes and sequins, but only one or the other piece. The rule is, just do not overdo it!


The combination of jeans and sneakers should be avoided. The mature woman should look and dress appropriately. The sport clothing is best to be left behind. However, if it is among your favourites and you do not want to part with it, and then focus on an elegantly sporty look.


Here you should stick to one golden rule: older women should wear less and more discreet jewellery.


Bright colours are not necessarily ideal, but not the total black look. Better are muted shades such as navy, grey, plum or olive green. Again, there may well be a “light effect” in the form of a colour swab.


Even to old age, a small V-neck is allowed – but it should be small.


Colourful prints are indeed a trend, but to flash combinations should be avoided. The best are flowers with stripes or dots to stripes. The colours should be coordinated. See also chic pants and skirts with a subtle floral pattern for solid-colour uppers.

Skirt length

The mini skirt is necessary this summer. Only those who have nice legs should carry him over the age of 30 years. Better are slightly longer skirts which end a few inches above the knee.


Pop narrow stretch dresses, soft silk, satin or baggy wool fabrics are not suitable for women with small figure problems. Better cotton, jersey or solid silk fabrics. Among them stands out not equal any excess fat from.


At tight pants and jogging pants, anyone of thirty years old and upward looks slightly ridiculous. Military Pants should be discreet and be better supported to shoes with heels.

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Styling tips for shirts

However, that is the shirt is also always match the rest of outfit, we have compiled some tips for you today:

1. The sleeves should be in the extended state always one cm overhang the wrist. When the winding of the arm, the shirt should however not be more than 2 cm below the wrist.

2. Business shirts should be the best – always ironed and strengthened. If that is too much effort, which can also bring his shirts to clean.

3. Sometimes the materials from which are made shirts may shrink after washing. This must be considered when you buy a new shirt. If you feel that there is a risk of contraction of matter, then the best option would be to choose a shirt one size larger than your usual size.

4. Oxford Shirts, however, should not be washed and ironed too often. They look great even if they are slightly wrinkled. This gives a charming casual style, which is only in your best interest.

5. Check shirts are fashionable again. To blue jeans, we recommend a blue and yellow, the black version, however a black and red plaid shirt. Since it is usually not tucked in, should be taken on a straight hem.

6. Shirts with print designs the rest of outfit should be a bit more discreet. Not too loud colours and please do not combine it with yet another pattern. Keep it simple!

7. To enhance a shirt it is enough you to pay attention to small details. Just these small details can give an incredible charm of clothing.

8. No-Go’s are way too tight, short and transparent shirts. One of favourite combination option, this is a white shirt with a black leather jacket. The contrast makes the heart beat!

Who considers these styling tips, he certainly makes no more mistakes when buying and when combining your clothing. We wish you much fun with your shirts!

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Men’s Fashion – Special colours and accessories for men

Today, the charm is more important than ever, but how to achieve it? It is simple: with a few small, fine, luxurious accessories.

Alluring accessories

Anyone who thinks that a shirt, pants and jacket are enough to attract the attention of women makes a huge mistake. The real eye-catcher in fashion are necessary trendy accessories.

A gaudy scarf or a tie in the trendy fashion colours

Everyone knows that the grey colour is standard, but of course, it should not limit your imagination. The hit of the season are sunglasses and designer glasses in general. In addition, a lavish comeback celebrate hats. Whether in the form of colourful straw hats or elegant business hats, the head cover just looks interesting.

Men’s jewellery

Watches are the number one men’s jewellery. A beautiful, high-quality clock charms with style and taste. The designers have elevated the men’s jewellery to new heights. Rings, necklaces and even earrings have become respectable and have a fixed rank in the top floors secured. They decorate all types of men long ago as emphasize the personality of the man.

More about men’s fashion in 2013

Although, the men’s fashion is traditionally conservative, the next season could well have the makings of some amazing new features to the resounding trend. The dominant colour on the fashion shows this year is burgundy, amazingly, not only for shirts but also for jackets and trousers, which then combined with a blue shirt.

Trousers with floral patterns

This year has seen interesting floral patterns on male pants. The fashion designers are determined to oppose the present crisis. However, perhaps they prove that even in a prophetic sense, that when the men, world leaders have to decide the financial crisis, they need a little more inspiration. Therefore, we go next season with more bold colours for men.

Men’s sneakers also are brightly coloured

In general, many sneakers are brightly colour and thanks to carrot, pants this is emphasized even more. However, whether this trend will prevail in men’s fashion, 2013, it is other questionable.